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Lucky Minutes Phone Card

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How to save on overseas calls?

Do you have a need to make frequent international or domestic calls, but you are scared of receiving enormous bills? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Lucky Minutes prepaid calling card is your guide to the world of low cost phone calls. By choosing Lucky Minutes you get both great customer friendly service with high quality connection and best rates.

The Lucky Minutes phone card is a Permanent PIN card that provides the convenience of both PIN Free Access and the handy Refill option.

Your prepaid phone card is refillable, so you can charge it whenever you need. By registering your phone number (up to 6 phone numbers in one account) you get useful PIN Free option that enables dialing without entering hard-to-remember PIN code. Lucky Minutes calling card has Unlimited Validity Period while you charge it at least once in 9 months.

All inhabitants of the United States will sure like Toll Free Access Numbers as well as Local Access Numbers that provide you with opportunity to save even more when you make a call from your cell phone. If you make a call from pay phone, extra 99 cents will be deducted from your card balance. Inhabitants of other counties have global access to Lucky Minutes services as well.

When you make a call over 1 minute, a system will charge a connection fee of $0.18. Maintenance fee of just $0.88 is charged once in a week. Note all calls with Lucky Minutes prepaid calling card are provided with rounding of 3 minutes and the amount of surcharges and service fees is just 28%.

Lucky Minutes phone card is the right choice for both people who use calling cards for a long time and wish to find a better solution to cover their needs, and those who are new to this and seek for a reliable calling card that will help them to save.

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